Special rules for students:

1. Percent should be present in 3 classes.
2. The students will have to travel to the center at their own charge.
3. Paying salaries and other fees on time is recommended.
4. Maintaining cleanliness at the center is everyone's moral responsibility.
5. The dress is recommended to be polite and elegant.
6. Unauthorized crowding in front of the center's porch office and classrooms and jamming in the academy area is completely prohibited.
7. Students of the Department of Musical Instruments should use their own instruments.
8. Transactions without receipts are prohibited.
9. Entry into student's office without payment of salary or special requirement is prohibited.
10. If there is a complaint of lack of education in the center, it can be reported directly to the principal.
11. Students will have to use their own instruments at the center.
12. In case of any complaint against the teachers, it can be reported in writing to the principal or through the principal to the director.
13. Students / students must comply with any subsequent order or instruction not recorded in the discipline mentioned.
14. The Center reserves the power to expel a student / student accused of violating the above rules and the decision of the Center in this regard will be final.