Admission Rules:
1. All general qualifications have the right to admission to Jago Art Center.
2. Children from 8 to 12 years will be admitted to the course and 12 years to the certificate course. Those who are more than 5 years old but are interested in getting a basic level training in music - they will be admitted to the special category.
3. All those who want admission will have to take the admission test. The decision of the concerned teacher or principal regarding admission will be considered final.
4. All the information mentioned in the application form should be filled in properly. Applicants must have the signature of the guardian.

Class time:
Mainly 2 classes per subject week. Classes are held at a scheduled time according to the routine. During special events, additional classes or schedules are given separately.

Test Rules:
For every academic year, half yearly and yearly examinations will be held and the result card will be given at the end of the year. The test rules and schedule will be explained in detail before each exam.

From 5th year to 5th year. So far, both written practical tests will be taken.