History of Rawshan Jamil, a great performer

21 January, 2020


Rawshan Jamil, was a performer from her first day and until her last. As a child she danced in secret from her parents, who were of a conservative mindset. And in her old age, in secret from her children, she performed in the play Duar, a drama about an elderly mother forced to live in the city while she dreams of the freedom of the village. Rawshan Jamil’s children insisted that she was too ill to perform, and instead of arguing she just went ahead and quietly did it without telling anyone. It was only after her death that they came to know!

Together with her husband, Gawhar Jamil, who was a dancer and choreographer, she opened a performance arts school, the Jago Art Centre, in 1959. She used to go door-to-door talking parents into letting their children join; her enthusiasm and passion were truly contagious.

At the end of her long, exciting life she was worried that she had not done enough, she said "I've lot more to give. I have not given enough to people to remember me." And here she was wrong. Jago Art Centre is still working, and her legacy continues. We can learn so much from her spirit!

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