Some relevant points:

1. This is the folk dance of Bangladesh, rich in rich cultural heritage. Nataracharya Gauhar Jamil, a renowned choreographer and cultural organizer of the country, is the founder of "Jago Art Center", a dance theater, music, drawing and instrumental music, artistic institution and scholar. He and his wife, a well-known choreographer, established the "Jago Art Center" in popular dance and choreographer Vincent Raushan Jamil Mill.

Since its inception, the West has participated in the cultural movement against the cultural aggression of West Pakistan by promoting the spread of indigenous melodies and rhythms in various branches of music, including Bangladeshi folk dances, which we have been pursuing since then.

Teachers, educators, guardians and officials are working with all their talents, diligence, integrity and devotion to develop Bangla culture beautifully and well-preserved, with slogan "Let the industry flourish in the next generation." Through this historic cultural institution, Jago Art Center. Culture is the best way to develop a better life. And un-cultured is the cause of social chaos.

The "Jago Art Center" is working towards building a better future and orderly life by keeping your children free from degradation and adhering to a healthy culture and successful culture.

We are grateful to the parents of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, the Arts Academy and the school for their cooperation in this establishment.

Goals and objectives:

Jago Art Center was established by Naratacharya Gauhar Jamil to bring cultural training to the people of India and abroad through proper training of vocal music, dance, music, music, arts and crafts that we have a thousand years of cultural heritage in Bangladesh.

Events and special classes :

To enhance the morale of the students and to introduce them to the audience at various times, arrangements for vocal music, dancing and instrumental music are arranged in the presence of the guests and the audience. Special events were held outside the regular classes for national events, special concerts, dance dances. Learners must participate in the trial.

Few things about Naratacharya Gauhar Jamil :

Naratacharya Gauhar Jamil was born in Sirajdikhan, Bikrampur, his birth name was Ganesh Nath in 1225. Father Yogendra Nath Mata Manjuri Bala. His eldest brother, Amrit Charan Nath, from Kolkata, was the source of inspiration for his dance. Gauhar Jamil was not only dancing but he was also in government service. In the meantime, love happened with student Roshan Jamil. Later, Ganesh Nath converted to Islam and was named Gauhar Jamil. This means "pearl duti" and she was tied to the marriage on December 5 with Roshan Jamil. The sweetness of the dance style, which would have become an idol in the traditional service, is the dance of the dancer Gauhar. This outstanding talent forged forty and fifty decades in the dance of his dance. He has inspired and inspired many young artists through his dance performances. He received dance lessons from many of the most influential gurus of India. Among them were the all-powerful Maruthappa Killai (Bharata Natyam), Balakrishna Menon (Kathakali) and Ramnarayan Mishra (Kathak).
From this time, he was passionate about dance and thinking and creating new ideas. In 6, he started teaching by establishing a Rishikala building