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Jago Art Center is one of the two oldest dance schools in Bangladesh. The center serves its community with two main objectives: first, to maintain and enhance the rich cultural heritage and quality of dances of Bangladesh, and second, to reach dance and music to all groups of people. Jago Art Center was established in 1959 by Bangladesh’s renowned dancer couple –Gowher and Rowshan Jamil. Both of them are regarded as pioneers in making dance an acceptable form of performing arts in East Bangal during a period when dance was not considered respectable art in a muslim society. Gowher and Rowshan Jamil have been awarded the "Ekushey Padak" – Bangladesh’s highest national award for their contribution in the field of dance. Shamanyo Kshati, based on Tagore’s poem, was first conceptualized and choreographed as a dance drama by Gower and Rowshan jamil in 1962; some refinements were incorporated in 1975. Today’s presentation of Shamanyo Kshati is the dance drama choreographed 40 years ago and represents the dance style of Bangladesh’s two revered dancers of the past era.




Children's Class

  • Vocal music

  • Choreography

  • Illustration

Certificate Course

  • Vocal music - Uchang - Rabindra Music - Nazrul Music

  • Choreography - Highness Dance - Bharat Natyam, Narrator - Normal Dance - Folk Dance

  • Instrumental music -Tobla-Guitar

  • Arts and crafts

Special Class

  • Vocal music

  • Instrumental music

  • Choreography

  • Illustration

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